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Barbora Zemanová (Nádvorníková)
+420 604 700 109

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Katarína Urban
+420 608 221 791

Wedeo svatební videoprůvodce


My gift, which I want to be giving to the world, is the blossoming of womanhood. The world around us needs to feel and perceive women’s energy. Women’s energy is about transformation, about cycles, about nod to the life as well as the death. Woman, which is connected with her woman’s principle, radiates, attracts and affectionately gives her gifts to the world.

The workshops I lead help women to find their deep female essence. To discover various faces of their inner goddess and explore archetypes, which the woman meets on her journey.

They serve as an inspiration how to find out who I am, but also who I am not. What I need and what I can let go.

They are about discovery of our own place in the women’s circle and nurturing of all parts of our human being, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

The journey of a woman is seeking and finding of love, its gifts and talents, which she can share with the world. Look around. Woman goddess. Woman wolf. Woman girl. Woman mother. Woman weaver. Business woman. Woman creator. Friend. Lover. Enchantress. Wise woman. Mature woman. Crone.

Who is the woman, who would like to awake?